Elegant Commercial Mosaics Serving Novato

If you are looking for the number one commercial mosaic team in Novato, then you really should look further than Maxx Tile. Our skilled tiling technicians are passionate about every aspect of commercial mosaic and will work diligently to create a unique finish for your Novato business. So, whether you are a bar owner, hotel manager or restauranteur, you can rest assured knowing that with Maxx Tile’s talented team on the job, no stone will be left unturned in the pursuit of tiling excellence. Don’t settle for second-rate tiling teams when the real deal is here and available for you to use. Contact our Novato office today and allow our team of skilled tiling technicians take care of the rest.

What are Mosaic Tiles Useful for?

If you are a Novato business owner who wants to enhance their premises with a timeless and elegant floor or wall material, then the range of unique mosaic tiles from Maxx Tile should be your first call. The fact of the matter is that mosaic art dates back to the Greek and Roman times where it was used to decorate palatial mansions as well as temples and churches. While the use for mosaic tiles has changed considerably since then, the one point that has remained constant is the fact that this decadent design is still being used to enhance buildings to this very day. The only difference is that nowadays in Novato, mosaics are more likely to be found in a restaurant or hotel lobby rather than a palace. When it comes to getting the most out of your professionally installed mosaic, these following ideas have proven very popular with business owners of all types in Novato


In a bathroom setting, a mosaic can turn a bland and boring wall into something altogether more fascinating. This is particularly true if you can create an eye-catching wall décor that surrounds an oval or unusual shaped mirror.

Half-Wall Designs

If you want to create an immediate wow factor in your hotel foyer or office reception then why not invest in a complex and decadent half wall mosaic from Maxx Tile. Again, by opting for this design, you can get a half-wall mosaic that brightens up a previously dull and unimaginative wall option.

Full-Wall Mosaic

If you want to blend the intricacies and complexities of a half-wall design with the cohesion of a more uniformed look, then why not cover the entire wall of a bathroom, foyer or reception in a classic mosaic art design. In designs like this, an abstract pattern could work particularly well.

Backsplash Design

If you are the manager of a restaurant, then there are very few easier ways of brightening up your guest bathrooms then by installing a range of stylish and decorative backsplashes from Maxx Tile. With such a unique opportunity to create something memorable, why not pick a particularly vibrant pattern?