Superior Marble Installation Service in Novato

Offering a professional and trustworthy marble installation service that caters to the needs of all our Novato residential clients, Maxx Tile is unrivalled in terms of price, quality and convenience of service. When it comes to enhancing the value of your Novato home immediately, very few materials measure up to the attributes offered by a perfectly installed marble kitchen floor or bathroom suite. So, if you want a flooring material that will look great and stand the test of time then you really need to choose marble. And to ensure that this valuable stone is installed to the highest possible standard, there is only one number to call. Merging our wealth of marble installation experience with latest and most up to date equipment means that Maxx Tile can offer a service that is envied by many other marble installation teams but is rivalled by none.

Reasons Why You Should Choose Marble for Your Kitchen Countertops

With a plethora of different countertop materials to choose from, it can sometimes be a little difficult to make a decision on this very important question. However, if you choose marble, you are guaranteeing that your kitchen will be adorned with the most precious available stone on the market. There are many benefits to selecting marble for your kitchen countertops, some of the most important include:

Unique Slabs

As marble is extracted directly from the rocks, it offers you a range of design patters that are very hard to beat. The unique transformation process that is central to the creation of marble is what gives it its classy and high-end appeal. On top if that, no two slabs of marble are the same. The unique characteristics of this material mean that you will never have to worry about seeing your countertop in a friend or family member’s kitchen.

Range of Color Options

The beauty of marble is that there a range of various color options depending on the rock that it is extracted from. While most of our Novato customers opt for white marble, which comes from a limestone rock, you can also choose from sand, clay and iron oxides. As well as that, the presence of minerals in limestone can ensure that additional colors are provided. This includes green colored marble.

Timeless Design

Marble provides you with a timeless design that will never look old. They say that fashion is temporary but style is forever, and is very applicable to marble. The timeless design that marble offers are very hard to replicate with other countertop types. Marble countertops have been used for centuries so this proves that it is a countertop type for many years to come.

Don’t Settle for Second Best

If you want a marble installation team that will provide an efficient and cost-effective service then you need to select Maxx Tile. Our skilled team of designers and installation technicians will stop at nothing in the pursuit of excellence. So, what are you waiting for? Call our Novato office today.