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Sonoma County Tile and Terrazzo Installation
Sonoma County Tile and Terrazzo Installation
Sonoma County Tile and Terrazzo Installation
Sonoma County Tile and Terrazzo Installation

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You wouldn’t bring your loved one to a restaurant that had terrible reviews, neither should you invest time and money in an inferior tiling team. At Maxx Tile, we guarantee that all your tiling needs will be met in a quick and efficient manner.

Positives and Negatives of Terrazzo Flooring

Above all else, Maxx Tile seeks to run an upfront and transparent tiling service that delivers the most optimal results for all our residential clients. For some tiling companies, the sale is more important than all else but for us this is not the case. Don’t get us wrong, we are passionate about increasing our client base but we will never seek to achieve this goal by compromising on the integrity of our tiling and terrazzo service. This means always making our clients aware of the pros and cons of all the tiling services we offer. Terrazzo flooring is no different in this regard. The advantages and disadvantages include:


There is no doubt about it, terrazzo floors are beautiful. Whether you want your kitchen remodeled or are seeking to enhance the external features of your home’s yard or garden, then terrazzo offers esthetic benefits unlike any other tiling floor type. While it may share certain characteristics with other floor types, the reality is that it really has a unique look that is in a world of its own.


Although most renowned for its esthetic qualities, the fact of the matter is that terrazzo flooring is also extremely durable in nature. Almost all our terrazzo is made with reinforced concrete that also contains bits of stone, marble and glass inside. This unique composition means that it is perfect for taking a lot of foot traffic while still looking as good as new. This means, that when measuring it up against carpet, there really is no comparison.

Easy to Clean

The great thing about terrazzo is that it is extremely difficult to stain it. It is very liquid-resistant which means that it will not absorb that glass of wine or mug of coffee that may occasionally crash on your kitchen or living-room floor.


Let’s cut to the chase, when it comes to terrazzo flooring, one of the biggest drawbacks can be the price. The simple fact of the matter is that in comparison to other tiling-types like ceramic and porcelain, terrazzo is certainly more expensive, but with good reason.


While this may not be a major drawback, the reality is that terrazzo is not the easiest type of tile to install. In fact, it is the highly specialized nature of this process that contributes to these higher costs. Our skilled team of tiling specialists have to work diligently to ensure that your tiling needs are met but it will take time.


Again, this is not the biggest drawback for a type of tile. However, if you have children or elderly relatives living with you then the texture of terrazzo tiles can take some getting used to, especially with bare feet.