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San Francisco Tile and Terrazzo Installation
San Francisco Tile and Terrazzo Installation
San Francisco Tile and Terrazzo Installation
San Francisco Tile and Terrazzo Installation

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What Are the Benefits of Re-grouting Your Shower

On top of having your shower looking its best for the longest time possible, there are a countless number of other benefits that come with having your residential shower unit re-grouted. At Maxx Tile, our talented and highly experienced team of tile repair technicians use new grout and silicone sealers to create a water tight shower stall which will leave your shower looking as good as new, while also adding an extra fifteen years to the shower’s lifespan. On top of the esthetic and practical benefits that come from re-grouting your shower, a number of health-related benefits also exist. Not only will regular maintenance such as re-grouting remove any nasty black mold which can cause serious respiratory problems, but the harsh chemicals that are generally required to combat this mold will also no longer be necessary.

Do Tiled Backsplashes Really Prevent Stains?

The simple answer to this question is a categorical yes. A backsplash from Maxx Tile is carefully designed to be as durable and functional as possible without compromising on any of the esthetic aspects of this most important kitchen and bathroom fixture. Using ceramic, glass, metal or elements of all three materials mean that our backsplashes will be able to take whatever a busy bathroom or kitchen throw at them without leaving any stains. Choosing between stone and metallic backsplashes is very much a personal choice and one that will differ depending on the individual characteristics of your home. However, one point to consider closely is that although stone is highly durable it is also extremely porous so you need to make sure to have it sealed regularly to avoid any permanent stains returning.

How Do I Know What Tile Layout is Best for Me?

For most people deciding whether to install ceramic or porcelain tiles in their home is about as far as it goes when it comes to decisions of this nature. However, the fact of the matter is that the type of tile that you opt for is only part of the process. What most homeowners don’t realize is that the layout of a tile is as important, if not more important, than that actual material used to make the tile.

At Maxx Tile, our team of certified tiling professionals do their utmost to ensure that your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom is fitted with a set of tiles that are second to none. While brick, large brick and stacked tiled options are some of the most popular options that we offer to our residential clients, we also provide a number of more unusual options to choose from. This includes herringbone, accent borders and basket weaves. This wide range of options means that whatever your particular preference is, there should be no reason that we won’t be able to deliver a top-quality tiling type that works best for your home. Visit our website to discover more about the range of tile layout options we offer.