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When most Novato people think of tiling, their mind automatically jumps to images of pristine terrazzo kitchen tiles or marble-tiled bathroom floors. However, while floor tiles are an extremely important part of what we do at Maxx Tile, the reality is that wall tiles are just as vital to our residential offering. High-quality wall tiles and backsplashes will not only enhance the esthetic elements of your Novato home, they also ensure that your home’s integrity is maintained for longer. The durability of the wall tiles we offer is only matched by our impeccable installation service which will guarantee a top-quality service while causing as little inconvenience as possible to your home.

Four Reasons to Get a Backsplash

The benefits of backsplashes are multifaceted, however perhaps their most unique selling point is that they can completely change the look of your kitchen with very little effort or impact on your wallet. The practical and decorative nature of this household feature can enhance a kitchen or bathroom of any size. Four of the biggest benefits of backsplashes include:


Whether you decide to have a backsplash installed in your kitchen or bathroom, the fact of the matter is that they will protect the area behind your sink or counter impeccably. A properly designed and constructed backsplash that is also carefully installed will eradicate the risk of hard to clean stains that can become a major nuisance over time. The reality is that the kitchen and the bathroom are the two rooms in your home that are most susceptible to water damage. Failing to install a backsplash could result in serious mildew problems manifesting in your home which may also compromise the structural integrity of your home.


One of the most obvious and apparent benefits of installing a backsplash in your Novato home is that it adds an immediate sense of style to your home that may otherwise be lacking. At Maxx Tile, we guarantee to choose a material and color that won’t clash with your countertops, tables or other pieces of furniture. On top of that, the fact that most of our backsplashes are made from ceramic tiles mean that they are extremely easy to install. This means that you can add a lot of style with very little time or effort.

Reduced Cleaning Time

One of the most underrated benefits of installing a backsplash is that it will, most likely, reduce the time you have to spend cleaning your bathroom or kitchen. Almost all our backsplashes are easy to clean because of their water-resistant nature which means that one simple wipe can remove even the most stubborn or annoying of stains.

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At Maxx Tile, we take what we do very seriously. That is why when you choose us for your wall tiling team you can rest assured that you will receive an unmatched service that will simply not be beat for price, quality or convenience.