Superior Commercial Mosaics Serving Sonoma County

If you want a floor or wall material that will add tons of color and vibrancy to your Sonoma County business, then you really should strongly consider installing a set of customized mosaics from Maxx Tile. With the strength and durability of ceramic and porcelain combined with the elegance and esthetic qualities of marble, mosaic tiles really provide the best of both worlds for businesses that want to blend the beautiful with the pragmatic. This type of tile is particularly beneficial for service-industry businesses that deal directly with the public. So, whether you are the proud proprietor of a local diner or the manager of a five-star hotel in downtown Sonoma County , we can help. Call our office today to schedule an appointment with a member of our tiling professionals or else visit our website to learn more about the winning service we offer.

How are Mosaic Tiles Made?

Making all our tiles by hand from start to finish, our tile-creation process begins with a simple box of clay which is then cut and shaped into a wide range of unique and customized designs that best meet your business’s individual needs. Our mosaic tiles are strong, durable and designed to last for a very long time. On top of that, they contain sufficient texture that they can add depth to any type of room, floor or wall, either inside or outside. Three of the main stages of this process are:


After being cut, our mosaic tiles are brushed with a glaze that will extend their durability. This glaze is an essential part of the design process and is the primary reason why their look and feel remains constant for years. Choosing the color that you want for your mosaic tiles is also a crucial part of the design process and this element can vary drastically depending on the type of glaze used and clay chosen.

Fire Stage

After the glaze has dried on your tiles, they are then loaded into a kiln where they are heated to almost 2000 degrees. On average, the tiles will spend eight hours baking in the kiln.


Following the eight hours baking in the oven, our mosaic tiles are removed from the kiln and left to cool. Once this stage has cooled, our team of mosaic design specialists assemble the mosaics and from there either invite you over to our studio to show you the finished product, or if this is not possible, we will send a sample directly to you.

Commercial Mosaic Team Near Me

If you are a business owner in Sonoma County , then you don’t need us to tell you how important value for money is for the delivery of a successful product or service. As such, if you are going to go to the effort of installing mosaics in your Sonoma County commercial property then you may as well pick the tried and trusted team.