High-Quality Floor Tiling Sonoma County

At Maxx Tile, we use high-quality materials for all our tiles. So, whether you are looking for a marble-based bathroom remodel or a ceramic tiled kitchen renovation, you can rest assured that our durable, non-porous and water-resistant tiles will not be beat. We take no shortcuts in the pursuit of residential tiling excellence for all our Sonoma County clients. This means that when you invest in our trusted tiling service you know that you are receiving the best possible deal that will meet all your home’s needs quickly and efficiently.

Leave it to the Floor Tiling Professionals

When it comes to residential tiling for your Sonoma County home, the fact of the matter is that you need to leave it to the professionals. The reality is that irrespective of the quality of your tiles, sub-standard installation will mean that your home’s tiles will be riddled with problems year in and year out. Similarly, it is very likely that poorly grouted tiling will result in the moisture level beneath the tile’s surface to increase. This could, in turn, inevitably cause more frustrating problems down the line.

At Maxx Tile, we fully value the importance of a DIY mindset when it comes to making home improvements in your Sonoma County home. However, the truth is that for tasks as complex as floor tiling, you need a certified professional. Failing to do so will not only reduce the chances of optimal tiling results, it will also cause further headaches in the future. Don’t make this mistake, instead call Maxx Tile today and allow us to take care of everything.

Porcelain Tiles Versus Hardwood Floors

When it comes to selecting a floor type for your Sonoma County home, two of the most popular options that homeowners choose are porcelain tiles and hardwood floors. In terms of hardness and water resistance, there really is no comparison between the highly resistant porcelain tile and the far more porous hardwood floor. However, when it comes to maintenance, both options are easy to clean and require very little serious maintenance. Similarly, repairs are possible on both floor types are moderate but it must be noted that serious damage to porcelain tiles may require replacement rather than repair.

Need a Floor Tiling Team You Can Rely On

Merging our years of combined experience with the latest advances in floor tiling technology means that Maxx Tile is capable of ensuring the most optimal results for your Sonoma County home. On top of that, by keeping our costs to a minimum, we can guarantee that our prices will remain as affordable as possible for all our residential clients. Throw in our flexible payment plans, convenient opening hours and a client-centered approach to customer care means that our service may be envied by many of our competitors but the reality is that it is rivalled by very few, if any. Don’t take chances with inferior tiling teams, instead call the experts you can trust today. We promise, you won’t be disappointed.